I think I’ve made about every mistake a parent can make–there maybe a few that I missed, but it doesn’t feel like it.

I sent my kids to timeout–isolation–when they were disruptive. I thought time out was better than a spanking. Now I wish I had listened to, connected with and helped them manage their feelings. I missed those opportunities to build a better relationship with them and earn their trust.

So now that it is too late to change how I parented my children, why do I learn about and share how to be a better parent?

Recently I read about a Samoan long boat race: long slim canoes slicing through the water to the shore, in unison the oarsmen drove their pads into the ocean straining against the tide. Afterwards an oarsman explained that the water provides both the resistance that makes it hard to push the boat forward, and the support the oars need to propel it forward.

That’s when I realized that it is my parental guilt that makes it both hard for me to move forward and gives me the traction to move ahead and share what I learn with other parents and care givers, so they can be loving and supportive parents

About Where Families Connect

Parents want to help their children and provide them the love and support that they need, but living in a world that is moving faster and faster makes it hard—sometimes impossible. Now not only are children falling through the gaps, but parents feel like they are too. WhereFamiliesConnect is NOT about blaming parents for all the world’s problems or about quality time vs. quantity time.  It’s about spending enough time at some of the right times so children feel that their parents are in their corner, and when they do fail, repairing their mistakes and making the relationship stronger.

My Approach

Babies are born to connect with their parents and caregivers. WhereFamiliesConnect  supports parents as they support their child’s need for safe secure relationships.

Every parent has experienced the frustration of wanting to help her/his child but not know what s/he needed.  Every parent has said things to their children that they wish they could take back.

WhereFamiliesConnect understands that all parents want what is best for their children but don’t always know how to help them. My goal is to help parents help their children.

Children communicate  through their behavior.   Circle of Security helps parents understand their child’s behavior and meet her/his needs  when possible and take charge when necessary creating a feeling of safety, security and understanding.


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