I made so many mistakes with my children that I can’t even remember them all. Neither I can’t go back and change the past, but I am changing the way I do things now.

Haven’t we all wondered why some children throw themselves on the floor and scream and cry because we told them they can’t have the candy that is melting in their hand?

Haven’t we also wondered why children pick times when we are fixing dinner that is already late or repairing a car that we need by tomorrow to read them a book or play catch?

Haven’t we all laid awake at night regretting what we said in anger or frustration to our children and ached to take the words back?

Circle of Security can help us

  • Understand our children’s behavior.
  • Provide safe, secure, loving support for them.
  • Increase their self-esteem.
  • Be Bigger, Stronger, Wiser and Kind, so they feel safe and secure.
  • Become aware of and manage our own triggers so we avoid being Mean or Weak.
  • Understand how we were parented effects how we parent.
  • Fulfill our desire to be the best parents we can be, or as they say in Circle of Security, “Good Enough” Parents.
  • Repair damaged relationships, so our children don’t doubt that we love them.

What Circle of Security does not do is:

  • Guilt, blame and dump on us.
  • Expect us to be “Perfect Parents”.

See Circle of Security-Parenting International

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