Satisfying the Need for Connection

Have you ever wondered why certain books, movies and television shows are so appealing? They satisfy our need for connection  The characters treat each other the way we want to be treated.

Two series I enjoy are Harry Potter and Touched by an Angel.

What do fantasy fiction and heavenly messengers have in common? Relationships.

The Harry Potter books are not only an amazing, creative story of good conquers evil, David beats Goliath, they also satisfy a desire for connection.  Harry no longer has to live alone in a cubby beneath the stairs rejected and maligned by family, he has friends who understand him and support him, giving him the strength to face the challenges before him.

Harry Potter

Last week I binged on Touched by an Angel, recently released on Netflix.  Tess, Monica and Andrew share a wonderful friendship among themselves, and with those they help. And even more important, they remind us of our relationship with God, Our Heavenly Father, and that He loves us whether or not we feel we deserve it. 


What are some of your favorite books or shows and why?

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