The Dayton Shootings

After the tragic shootings in El Paso and Dayton last weekend, today I would like to share this inspired response from a dear friend of mine, Linda Theobald Sellers:

In Dayton today, people are grieving, angry, anxious and heartbroken.

The truth is, it could have happened anywhere.

Let’s not give into the fear.

Let’s stand up boldly and declare that “I am not afraid to live.”

Let’s keep enjoying each others company and continue visiting the Oregon district.

Let’s not make this tragedy worse by causing businesses to fail and enjoyment to cease.

Let’s not turn our anger over this event into more hate and perpetuate the anger, hurting more lives.

Let’s not take on the deep suffering by restricting ourselves from having a good time, staying home and being miserable out of fear. We need each other. We need to go out and be social. We need to support everyone.

Let’s come together and grieve the loss.

Let’s love more.

Let’s listen to our neighbor more.

Let’s have more compassion for the hurting, the angry, the unsettled.

Let’s listen and actually hear their story.

Let’s find ways to spread love instead of anger and fear.

It’s easy to blame gun laws because right now; there is not much that an individual can do to change that tomorrow. But an individual can make a difference today by choosing to be more loving and kind. Choosing to mourn with the victims and their families. Choosing to gather with friends and make new friends at the establishments downtown.

Let’s erase our fear by loving our community!

As you can discern from this post, Linda is a gifted therapist.  To learn more about her practice please visit

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