Warning: Sugar Ahead

Sugar & Depression

High glycemic (HG) diets containing processed sugars such as white bread and rice, pop and many cereals, could cause or increase symptoms of depression according to   Dr. David Sack.  He reports that sugar suppresses the hormone BDNF which is already “low in individuals with depression and schizophrenia.”
James Gangwisch,  professor of psychiatry at Columbia University, also found HG foods effect hormones causing blood sugar to drop, which can lead to anxiety, irritability, fatigue, and a change in mood which are all symptoms of depression. In addition both studies found that high GI diets are also associated with chronic inflammation which effects the brain, the immune and cardiovascular systems as well.
Another study  The Whitehall II  again“confirms the adverse effect of HG diets of sweet food and drinks on long-term psychological health and suggests that lower intake of sugar may be associated with better psychological health.”
To further implicate sugar, there is a correlation between countries with high sugar intake and high depress.





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