Who Knew–The U.S. Postal Museum

Several of my daughter’s friends had said the US Postal museum as a lot of fun, so we made it one of our first stops.  We all enjoyed it. My grandchildren loved driving the semi, especially the toddler, who thought she was Queen of the Road.        



Next they climbed into a stage coach.





They wrote postcards to their friends, created their own digital stamp and stamp collection.   They learned about the Inspection Service (USPIS), the postal crime fighting division.  The boys studied finger prints and saw a tommy gun.

They read about Ownley, the dog that adopted the Albany, NY post office, road the rails across the US guarding the mail and become the unofficial US postal mascot.    This is actually him.  When he died, the postal workers had him preserved.




We easily spent three hours there and will go back again.



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