Overwhelmed, tired, stressed out, and stretched to the max?

Feeling overwhelmed because you live in a world that is never quiet? Your cell phone is pinging 24/7 with work, emails, texts, tweets, and more.

Tired because you have to keep up with three soccer practices, three games, gymnastic practice and church activities plus help you children with homework, make sure they get to bed on time, have clean clothes and something besides fast food every night.

Stressed out because there isn’t enough time to figure why you feel overwhelmed, tired and stressed let alone understand your child’s feelings.

Stretched to the max and feel you can’t give any more when your child needs you because her/his best friend is no longer her best friend, s/he missed the goal and lost the game, or s/he just want to be reassured that you still love her/him.

Feeling like you aren’t a good enough parent because you can’t live up to the impossible?

WhereFamiliesConnect meets you where you are as drained, besieged, inadequate as you may feel and supports you support your children through the ups and downs of parenting.


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